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Topaz Star Effects 1.2

Enhance your photographs by adding stars and other lighting effects
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Topaz Star Effects is a Photoshop plugin intended to add lighting effects to your photographs. The tool has an intuitive interface; besides, you do not need to learn so many things if you already have experience with other plugins by the same developer, as they all have similar interfaces.

Just like all Topaz plugins I have tried, its interface is divided into three main panels. It is quite convenient that the working area is in the center and two viewing modes are allowed. This way, you can either preview any changes in real time or switch to two side-by-side views of the photograph before and after the modification respectively. On the left, you can find dozens of presets to try until you get the desired effects. These presets create stars and other similar effects, such as distant glow, jewel sparkle, city lights, candle lights and lamp post. Luckily, the plugin can automatically detect artificial and natural lights.

In addition, it is possible to tweak the parameters for a more customized result by using the panel on the right. This way, you can change the shape, luminance, temperature, and glow of the effect, among many other aspects.

To sum up, Topaz Star Effects may come in handy to enhance your photographs and draw the viewer’s attention to particular elements. Most of all, it is great that, in all cases, the results look very natural. Unfortunately, the product only works as a plugin for Photoshop and other similar picture-editing programs, as there is no standalone version.

Pedro Castro
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  • A great collection of presets
  • Easy customization of effects
  • Automatic identification of lighting elements
  • Real-time previewing


  • Not available as a standalone program
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